Fakturawebben lets you digitally manage your supplier invoices

Fakturawebben.se is a cloud-based service for digital handling of supplier invoices. Our system is reliable, easy to use and works just as well for small business as for accounting firms and corporate groups.

Save time and money by being able to approve invoices from all your devices and let the system make sure that the right person receives the right invoice

We facilitate your flow of supplier invoices so you can focus on your core business.

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Access your supplier invoices and complete billing history from your computer, phone or tablet - both in the office and on the go. With everything gathered in the cloud, you can handle invoices even when you're on the go.

More efficient flows

Daily reports reduce the risk that a supplier invoice will not be paid on time. The system automatically ensures that the right person receives the invoice.

Increased control

Make sure the right invoice ends up with the right person with the right permissions - directly. See who has which invoice and what status the invoices have. Get automatic reminders when something needs to be handled.

Powerful Integration

Fakturawebben synchronizes all registers automatically in real time with the accounting system such as suppliers, accounts, cost centers and projects, etc.

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Efficiency through artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence automatically analyzes scanned invoices and extracts the invoice information.

Manages QR codes

The system can manage and read QR codes and barcodes with information about your invoice.

Automatic reminders

You do not need to monitor if there is something to do in Fakturawebben. Focus on your core business and let the system tell you and others when there are invoices to be handled.

Complete history

Whether you are in the office or on the go, you have access to your complete invoice history in the cloud. Find old invoices or check the status of current invoices. All history is saved.

System functions for accounting agencies and entrepreneurs with several active companies.

  • An efficient and user-friendly client manager that lets you switch between different companies or clients, without logging out.
  • Reports make it easy to keep track of your companies' and clients' status and supplier invoices.
  • Fast, reliable and hassle-free support.
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Invoice Uploader

A secure and stable solution for easily uploading invoices to Fakturawebben. Whether you are managing multiple companies or clients, receive invoices as emails or from your scanner.

Scan invoices with your mobile

Use your mobile phone with your favorite document scanning app and send the invoices straight into Fakturawebben.

Drag'n drop

Easily upload invoices directly into your web browser by dragging files to the browser window. The invoices are interpreted directly and are completed in an instant.


100% safe - nothing is left to chance.

For more than ten years, Fakturawebben has helped companies with the handling of supplier invoices. During all these years not a single invoice has been lost. We leave nothing to chance, therefore our system is reliable, easy to use and 100 percent secure. Let us simplify your everyday life as an entrepreneur!

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