Feature Standard Plan
Invoice Uploader

A secure and stable solution for easily uploading invoices to Fakturawebben.


Receive electronic invoices directly from the supplier's billing system.


Receive invoices by email to an email address you receive from us.

Drag'n Drop

Upload invoices fast and easy in your web browser.

Scan invoices with your mobile

Use an app for document scanning and send the invoice straight into Fakturawebben.

Free support

Free support is always included!


Reports make it easy to keep track of your companies and clients.

Seamless integration

Automatic seamless integration in real time to the accounting system.


No installation or maintenance required and is easy to administer.

Pay by invoice

No hidden costs or fees, you only pay per invoice.

Complete invoice history

Go back and look at old invoices and see who has approved an invoice.


All data is handled securely.

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Invoice Uploader
A secure and stable solution for easily uploading invoices to Fakturawebben. Whether you are managing multiple companies or clients, receive invoices as emails or from your scanner.
Fakturawebben can receive EDI invoices, electronic invoices, in various formats such as the EU standard PEPPOL, which are sent from the supplier's invoicing system directly into Fakturawebben.
E-mail invoice
Fakturawebben lets you receive invoices as email. The most common thing is that the invoice is attached as a PDF in an email that is sent to a new email address that you receive from us.
Drag'n drop
Easily upload invoices directly into your web browser by dragging files to the browser window. The invoices are interpreted directly and are completed in an instant.
Mobile scanner
Use your mobile phone with your favorite document scanning app and send the invoices straight into Fakturawebben.