What we do

Fakturawebben gives you control over every invoice throughout the invoice flow, from the time the invoice was received until it ends up in the accounting system. You can see who has been assigned to the invoice, which status it has and you can also get automatic reminders when something needs to be done.

Fakturawebben makes most of your invoice flow automated - so you can avoid unnecessary work. Whether you are in the office or are traveling, you can log in and access your complete invoice history.

Artificial intelligence automatically analyzes scanned invoices and extracts the invoice information. Through artificial intelligence, the system learns how you want the invoices to be processed.

We help you with everything you need to get started. Fakturawebben synchronizes all registers automatically in real time with the accounting system such as suppliers, accounts, cost centers and projects, etc. All for you to have complete control over your supplier invoices.

How we do it


Everything is included, nothing is left to chance.


Suitable for small business as well as corporate groups and accounting firms.


Automatic seamless integration in real time to the accounting system.

Good support

We help you to get started and offer you hassle-free support.


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